Our goal is to provide a free WordPress website setup to get you up and running in the quickest way possible while minimizing your initial investment in getting started.

That’s why we put together this free service to help you. You see, it’s easy to buy your domain name, buy hosting somewhere, install WordPress (often a one click install), and call it good…

However, there’s more to it than first appearances. Here are some things you need to do properly from the beginning if you want your new website/blog to operate effectively and safely:

  1. Use a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin that works well with your hosting.
  2. Use a cache plugin that will not bog down your host server.
  3. Find and configure plugins for database backups.
  4. Install plugins that keep the hackers from damaging your website.
  5. Install other critical plugins to make operation of your site a breeze.
  6. Find a theme that you can easily customize if you aren’t a programmer.

Free Extra Bonus

One thing we noticed from our students who have taken our live Free WordPress Website Setup Class is that they often get stuck with how to get their theme to look just the way they want.  Whether the theme they choose is a free theme or a premium theme, there still is a learning curve to get it customized for your business.  We’re going to solve this for you, too!

In addition to loading and configuring all the plugins for you, we are also going to give you a pre-customized Weaver theme.  This will save you hours of tinkering with the back end settings for these themes so that you can have a site that looks somewhat finished right out of the gate.  All you have to do is load a header image if you want and start creating your content.  Your biggest challenge has just been solved!

Ready to get started? Great!  Here’s How You Do It…

All we ask is that you use our partnered hosting company.  We get paid a commission from them when we send them new customers and this allows us to offer this free setup service to you.  It’s a win-win deal.

Here’s the process to qualify for a free WordPress setup and pre-customized theme:

1. Get your domain name registered somewhere.  Click here for the one we recommend.
2. Get your hosting set up.  Here’s our referral link. (must use this link)
3. Forward your hosting login information to info(at)joejacobson.com (Hostgator will send you a confirmation email.  You can simply forward that email to us if you prefer. We won’t save this information nor share it with anyone. You can always change the password later to feel safe.)
4. Change the name servers on your domain registration to point toward your new hosting account.  You can do this yourself.  Call your domain registrant if you need help changing the name servers
5. If you want to use the Weaver theme, we will upload for you.  To make this clear: the theme will be customized for you, but you may choose to change the color scheme or layout or other settings.  This theme will be ready to start adding content.  Here are a few examples of websites built on the Weaver theme:  Life in Pacific Grove, Suncoastdigitalpress.com and this site you are now viewing (JoeJacobson.com).

We are here to help you get started the right way!  Start with #1 and #2 above and email us the rest.  You’ll be up and running in no time with your Free WordPress Website Setup.

Call if you have questions: 941-587-4530.

All the best in blogging and online business success!